Patient Participation Group

In 2011 Oak Tree Health Centre formed a new Patient Participation Group. This was as a result of the renewed focus upon patient involvement enshrined within the Health and Social Care Bill 2011, and a determination by Oak Tree’s management team to embrace this fully.

The purpose of the Group is to discuss changes in the NHS and how they are affecting the services that Oak Tree is providing. We disseminate information, but also look for your ideas as to how we can better engage with Oak Tree’s wider patient population. In 2013 we hope to meet quarterly. Meetings are informal and friendly, and are planned for a weekday evening; they last no longer than 1½ hours.

Here are a few words from some of our current and past members of the PPG:

AH“I am a mum of three and grandmother to a beautiful little girl. We have lived on Ladygrove for many years and have been with Oak Tree from its early days in a porta-cabin. I was keen to join the Patient Participation Group for a couple of reasons. Firstly, two of my children have had their fair share of doctor/ hospital visits, some of which I wish could have gone differently but which I felt powerless to change. Secondly, my day job involves working with patients, healthcare providers and charities to strive for the best possible patient experience and care. I felt that I could add something to the Group from both my personal and professional experience of healthcare.”

RH“My wife and I moved to Didcot in 1994 and have lived on the Ladygrove ever since, moving to our current address in 2006. I was born in Birmingham in 1946. After a short career in the air force I spent most of my working career in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry. Although now semi-retired, I do still work two days a week for an a/c company in High Wycombe. I am passionate about maintaining the NHS’s aims of free, speedy treatment to all, letting the care professionals do what they do best, namely to treat the sick, and not get bogged down in politics.”

KW“I was born in 1942 and spent most of my life in Didcot until I married in 1961 and moved to Long Wittenham and (apart from 4 years living in Ipsden) I have lived here ever since. Widowed in 1974, I brought up my 3 children with the help of my mother-in-law, who lived nearby. Part time work in the Village shop, home hairdressing for the elderly, the village’s Girls’ Friendly Society and the Boys’ Club have all kept me very busy! I served on the Parish Council for about 15 years, and remarried to Dave. I worked as a Civil Servant at Vauxhall Barracks and retired in December 2010 after 21 years doing a job I really enjoyed. My hobbies are my family and grandchildren, reading, gardening, and I collect and repair dolls and dollhouses. I volunteered for the PPG when I saw the notice displayed in the waiting room at Oak Tree; at the time I was not sure that I had anything to offer but went along to find out! I find the meetings are friendly and interesting and, with the current changes to the NHS in mind, it offers the opportunity to learn about and comment on future Practice plans and decisions.”

We are always on the lookout for patients interested in joining the Group, so if you are interested in helping Oak Tree shape its future healthcare services please do contact Oak Tree’s Business Manager, Mark Dalling, via the Contact Us page.