Useful Links
An overview of the NHS Constitution and your rights as an NHS patient.
Together with the BMJ (British Medical Journal), this site can
help you find out which treatments really work based on clinical evidence.

National electronic library of evidence in healthcare.
Self care advice and leaflets for specific medical issues e.g. backpain, eczema, fever in children.
Visit this site for breast cancer care advice.
Diabetes UK website.
Beat the bullies – visit this website.
For the latest information issued by the NHS, visit this NHS Choices site.
Useful health and diet information for the next generation!
Information about what hypnotherapy is, how it can help, articles written by professionals and the latest hypnotherapy news.
COACH offers patients healthcare support, local information and signposting in four key areas: Health Services, Support & Advice, Wellbeing and Health Conditions, with information sourced from a range of providers including NHS Choices, Oxfordshire County Council and local voluntary and support groups.
MASTA offers comprehensive travel advice and vaccination clinics nationwide.